MacArthur Park

The Adaptive Reuse Project seeks to focus on three elements in the proposal to improve MacArthur Park. The first is safety. This proposal will increase safety by improving wayfinding and visibility throughout the park. Providing paths with direct access to the street will assist individuals in orienting themselves within the park.

Areas are also provided in proximity to the street in which should individuals want to meander and choose their own path they are able to. Path lighting will also be included.

Increasing the size of the pavilion to provide a workshop space in which community members can rent out room for small events, an art gallery to showcase the local community, and a café, will bring interest for a greater variety of individuals to use the park.

The play area will also be increased and a foot bridge over the lake will not only provide visibility through the park, but gardens for the community to enjoy or participate in.

Echo Park Postcard

MacArthur Park Postcard